Hey there, I'm Zach!

A Melbourne based Product Designer.

I’m a 30 year old Australian designer. My skillset covers the entire digital design landscape. From User Experience and User Interface design - to Branding and Visual Communication. My passion is solving problems in order to build beautiful, user-friendly digital solutions that make peoples lives just that little bit easier.

I am a critical thinker, problem solver and team player that takes a holistic approach to every project, making sure every aspect of it gets produced at the highest quality.

With a love for learning new skills, I'm constantly keeping myself up to date on the latest tech and design trends and news.

Just for fun

Design may be my full time job, it is also my hobby. In my spare time I do find myself creating conceptual interfaces to post on Dribbble and doing small branding jobs on the side.


Photography is a great way to tell a story visually. Whether it's travel/landscape photography or street photography. I've had a passion for it for many years and am constantly inspired to travel and shoot more.