Australian Unity

Information architecture & navigation design strategy.


With a reinvigorated master-brand, change in how the business views itself, along with recent group customer strategy work, Australian Unity has identified that a customer centric approach is needed to improve the public facing website.
Part of this change calls for a website with business verticals that better interact with one another through an improved information architecture and navigation strategy. The assets, guidelines and principles created from this vital work will enable AU the confidence and clarity to scale and maintain the integrity of the website uplift internally.  


Senior UX Designer;
Customer-lead research, information architecture, prototype creation, user testing, report writing and presenting findings to client.

Project Timeline

3 months.


Sketch, InVision, Miro, Google Analytics.

What we did

Using Google Analytics, customer lead research and web heuristics together to dictate the direction of the IA re-build process, we worked closely with stakeholders and the internal team to ensure the new IA and navigation experience would work for all customers.

After identifying Australian Unity’s current IA and conducting multiple rounds of unmoderated user testing (card sorts and tree tests), as well as creating different hi-fi prototypes for moderated user testing (for both desktop and mobile). After rounds of testing/iterating the prototype, we collated all data and put it together into suitable file types for each department.


This project required big amounts of buy-in from stakeholders, as well as a large volume of testing to benchmark. We supplied a navigation strategy and plan for next steps. Along with high fidelity navigation designs and a clickable prototypes for Australian Unity to go forward with and implement.