The Intime Collective

Design Sprint - Ideation to usable prototype


The Intime Collective, a small startup came to us to assist them in finding a next stage solution to their current business model. They came to us with the question; “How can we support and better prepare couples for the transition from being partners who work – to working parents who work better together?”.


Senior Designer;
Leading exercises in Design Sprint, prototype creation, user testing, conducting research, report writing and presenting recommendations to client.

Project Timeline

2 weeks.


Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, After Effects, Miro.

What we did

It didn’t take long before it was decided that a digital solution which could work not only as a stand-alone product, but could also compliment the workshops they were currently running was the best solution to test. As we ran through exercises to generate ideas for this solution, two solid, but different directions began to evolve. We took it to a vote and with the help of some guerrilla testing on the two concepts, we decided on just one to prototype and test.

With some decision time eating into what was dedicated to prototyping. We had to work quickly to get the chosen concept designed and clickable before our users were booked in for testing.


A clickable hi-fi prototype and digital business plan document for the client to take to potential investors.